The Blob (1988)

One day you’re sitting in a tree smoking a cigarette, thinking about how you’re gonna jump the broken down old bridge at Elkin’s Grove.  The next day you’re fighting off some huge unrelenting pink pile of ooze that just spread into town.  “How did you get here” you might ask yourself.  If you’re Brian Flagg (Kevin Dillon), you’d probably be asking yourself the exact same thing.  Life was so easy just being a juvenile delinquent.  Now you’re just trying to survive The Blob. Continue reading “The Blob (1988)”

The Incredible Melting Man

When I was a kid, I remember looking up at the moon and the stars at night.  I’d think to myself and wonder what was out there.  Were there other people on other planets, just like us, living their normal day to day lives, oblivious to other beings in the universe?  I also thought it would be really cool to travel through space, seeing the moon and those stars up close.  Now that I’m grown up, I know that my chance to be an astronaut, or even a space traveller have probably passed.  I’m glad that I came to that realization as a result, because if I would have known as a child that travelling in outer space, and especially gazing at the sun through the rings of Saturn would have turned me into an eventual pile of mush, like in William Sachs‘ 1977 film The Incredible Melting Man, I would have been absolutely devastated… devastated, I say.

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