Fright Night

Charley Brewster is a normal red blooded American male with a healthy fascination with horror movies.  When he isn’t trying to get into his girlfriend’s pants, he’s watching the local late night horror show “Fright Night”, hosted by the famous vampire hunter Peter Vincent.  One of those late nights, he notices something weird happening next door.  His new neighbors are moving their stuff in… but this isn’t normal stuff.  Amongst the crates and boxes is a coffin, and it goes straight into the basement.  Suspecting something is up, he keeps a closer eye on the situation.  When a girl he sees going into the house and later through a window being seduced by the neighbor, Jerry (Chris Sarandon), ends up a victim of murder on the 11 o’clock news, he starts to realize that his new next door neighbor might be a vampire. Continue reading “Fright Night”


I’m going to get this out of the way and just say it… I’m not a huge fan of death.  Yeah, I might watch a lot of horror movies where people get their heads cut off of get limbs severed from their bodies, but I don’t really want that to happen to me anytime soon.  I’m lucky in the fact that I’ve only had one person close to me die, but Mike and Jody Pearson aren’t so lucky.  Just a short time after their parents are killed, one of their good friends is brutally murdered in a cemetery.  After attending his funeral, Mike notices a suspicious man stealing their friend’s casket with his corpse still in it.  He goes to investigate the man, but ends up finding something a lot more sinister than just a grave robber.

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Ahh, video games.  A world I would often escape to as a child, and still do to this day.  Where else can you be a commando, a plumber, a young boy on a quest to save the world or genetically modified person who listens to anyone who asks “would you kindly?”  Michael Brower is just like any one of us; A young man who wants to escape his boring life and become something he’s not.  He runs a horror club at school which has just gotten shut down, and he doesn’t really have much to live for since he mom was killed in a horrible car accident.  Luckily his best friend Kyle has found just the right thing.  He shows Michael a magazine advertisement for the latest and greatest in interactive video games: Brainscan!

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31 Days of Horror

This upcoming October, we’re going to try something new.  We’ve pulled together our resources, and dug a former reviewer up from a shallow grave in order to bring this next month long event to you.  We’re going to attempt post 31 horror movie reviews, one for each day in the month of October!  Check out our video below to see more of what we mean: