Wheels on Meals

Ever since I saw Jackie Chan’s first American hit Rumble in the Bronx I have been a huge fan. I’ve seen almost every one of his movie that has come out in theaters since then. But it wasn’t until recently that I found out that some of his earlier work which wasn’t released in the U.S. was some of his best. Included in that is the action/comedy Wheels on Meals. A lot of Jackie’s work before he was a major Hollywood star was done with 2 of his best friends. You may remember a TV show in the late 1990s called Martial Law. This show starred Sammo Hung as a kung-fu detective working in L.A. Jackie’s other friend, Yuen Biao , you probably remember from… well nothing because he never made it to American cinema which is a shame. Many people regard Yuen as the most talented of the 3. They all attended the same Chinese Opera school together and have been making films ever since.

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