It’s Alive

If you read this site every so often, you might notice that there haven’t been any updates recently.  The reason for that is my wife had a baby the second week of June and I haven’t gotten a chance to take a shit without falling asleep, let alone watch and review any movies.  Thankfully, I was able to peel myself away for a hour and a half and watch Larry Cohen’s 1974 film “It’s Alive“, which is about what else?  A baby that kills people.  Sounds like a great movie for a new parent to watch, right?.  Let’s examine it a little further, shall we?

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Best and Worst of 2008 – a Review of Reviews in Review.

reviewIt’s the last day of the year 2008, and this marks the first year that we’ve been reviewing films.  Well, it hasn’t been a full year – we started this current incarnation of the website on March 8th, 2008 with our first review of Larry Cohen’s “The Stuff” (note to ourselves – review more Larry Cohen films!).  Anyhow, since it’s the end of the year, we figured if you really wanted to you could browse around the site and look at all the stuff we’ve covered, but if you’re the lazy type like us, this condensed view of some of our highlights and lowlights might be right up your alley.  In this post you’ll find some clips and summary of our highest rated films and lowest.  So… without further adieu, let’s get on with the show:

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The Stuff


For This week’s “Movie of the Week” pick, we watched the 1985 movie written and directed by Larry Cohen, “The Stuff“, with the bigger named actors being Paul Sorvino, Garrett Morris, and Danny Aiello. It also starred some kid that ended up being in a couple episodes of “Who’s the Boss” and little else. Continue reading “The Stuff”