The Dead Next Door

A zombie outbreak has ravaged the nation for roughly 3 years.  A serum created by Dr. Bow which was supposed to give limited life to dead cells instead entirely reanimated dead humans!  The Zombie Squad has been commissioned by the government to track down the original spread of the plague to see if they can produce a cure.  They must travel to Akron, Ohio where Bow’s research is, and where the spread of the virus began.  But when one of their own is infected, Raimi and the others need to put a rush on things to save their Zombie Squad buddy, Mercer!

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Nightbeast (1)During a night as ordinary as any other, a spaceship from another world (are there any other kind?) crashes to earth, and a hostile alien life form that resembles a reptillian gorilla of some kind escapes shortly before his craft explodes.  A few hunters are eye witnesses to the crash and they go looking for the strange craft but are reduced to ash, thanks to the business end of the alien’s gun.  What follows is a story of terror as the alien runs amok through a small rural town.

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Kamillions (1)
The story for Kamillions is very simple:  A scientist has been working on opening a portal to another dimension, and today on his 50th birthday (and coincidentally while his family prepares a birthday party for him), he succeeds.  In this other dimension, he sees lifeforms that resemble horseshoe crabs moving around and he notes the activity of these crabs.  After the window on his portal machine thing breaks, the scientist Dr. Nathan Wingate (Harry S. Robins) gets sucked into this other dimension, and two of these crab creatures jump out.  These crab like creatures have the ability to replicate itself into the image any living body it can come into contact to, or can see (now you can figure out how they got the title).  All of this craziness happens as the guests are arriving, and any of the guests are prime targets for this mighty morphin spectacular.

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Tony misses his dad.  He left him 3 years ago during a trip out to their cottage in the country side – or at least that’s what Tony’s mom wants him to think.  Tony knows the truth though, that a bright light came and separated him from his dad and took him away.  Now, three years later, his dad Sam is back in his life out nowhere, and his mom Rachel and her boyfriend Joe have some questions.  Namely, where has he been all this time and why did he leave in the first place?

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