Wolf Creek

According to the missing persons website for Australia, “35,000 people are reported missing each year”  With that said I would find it hard to trust anyone if I were to ever travel to Australia- good advice to live by, or maybe stay alive by.  We start our adventure with a young man and a car purchased for $1500.  After trying a few times he gets the pile started and goes off to pick up his companions, and together they head off to the crater at Wolf Creek.

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The Curse

The Curse 1

Being a strict old man who can quote the bible on a whim can have it’s advantages.  You can get your wife and your family to do basically anything you want, for fear of your wrath.  You can live like a king, and when you have something to do, you can tell everyone to shut the hell up, and they’ll listen to you.  While that might sound like a pretty sweet gig, it can also cause your wife to get fed up and fool around with the hairy dude that’s putting in your well, and can cause a meteorite to fall from the sky and smash up your farm and give you The Curse.  I’d say the cons outweigh the pros on this one…

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