Spring Break!  Wooooo!  A great time to hang out with your buds and catch some rays, man!  Meet some babes, and maybe even get on a rich dude’s yacht to bust a hang and live the good life!  Just make sure that nobody carries on an escaped cat from a nearby high security military lab, because that would probably turn out being very, very bad news.  Wait a minute here… if this happened on your spring break, you may just be having a flashback to the 1988 film Uninvited. Continue reading “Uninvited”

Demolition High

With the passing of Corey Haim on March 10th, we have decided that we’d like to pay a little tribute in our own way to Mr. Haim’s stellar career. First up on our agenda is 1996 film Demolition High, directed by none other than b-movie god, Jim Wynorski.  In Demolition High, Haim plays Lenny Slater, a new student at Mayfield High school who hasn’t been able to fit in.  He’s from the mean streets of Brooklyn, but he didn’t bargain for his school getting overrun by terrorists on his first day.

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The Prowler

The Prowler

In 1945, a returning WWII vet gets a “Dear John” letter from his girlfriend telling him that she just can’t wait any longer for him to come home.  Instead of doing what any sane person would do – namely moving on with your life and forgetting about such a hurtful bitch – he stalks her and her new man at a graduation dance.  When they decide that the dance is too dead for their tastes, they slip out and go visit a lover’s point to get a little action on.  While the couple is starting to get hot and heavy, the vet makes his move and impales them on the business end of his pitchfork, leaving a single rose in the hand of his ex.  The crime is never solved, and no graduation dances were ever held on the same location again… Not until 1980, that is, when it’s time for a new graduation dance.

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Deadly Prey

Imagine John Matrix from Commando and Chance Boudreaux from Hard Target had a kid together… and then imagine that kid made a movie. You are probably thinking about a movie where this big huge muscle bound ex-military guy gets taken hostage and hunted by punk-asses in some backwoods setting right? Well you’re in luck because director David A. Prior has made your vision a reality with the 1988 film Deadly Prey (in all fairness Hard Target was made after this movie, but you get the idea). The film stars no one you’ve probably ever seen or heard of before, and just 10 minutes into this movie you find out why.

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