Phenomena aka Creepers

I’m always interested to see where people got there start in movies. Take Billy Bob Thorton for instance.  One of his first was a terrible flick called Chopper Chicks in Zombietown.  Most people in fact start with something bad, or just small, like Robert Patrick in Equalizer 2000.  They work with other little known people.  But Jennifer Connelly had a much different beginning.  Her first big break was working with two horror legends, Donald Pleasence and Dario Argento.  We all know Pleasence from the Halloween series and other John Carpenter movies.  Argento isn’t well known in the US, but in Europe he’s a household name in terror.  He took a big chance with a young Connelly in the fright fest Phenomena, which was later released in the States as Creepers.

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Tough Guys (1974)

A Priest and an Ex-Cop walk into a bar… Heard that one before?  You may have heard that one before, but you probably haven’t seen it before.  Tough Guys is exactly that joke, and you’d be surprised how good they work together – and that priest can throw one hell of a slap.

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Tourist Trap

I have a thing about mannequins.  To put it bluntly, I don’t like them, they creep me out.  They’re on my short list of dislikes, along with dolls and clowns.  I thought that Tourist Trap would probably haunt my nightmares, but in the end it was more frustrating than anything else.  Chuck Connors stars as Mr. Slausen, the curator of a roadside souvenir shop that hasn’t gotten much business since they put the highway in.  Well, it must be his lucky day because a group of “teenagers” have some car trouble and they just happen to break down right outside his property.

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The Beast Must Die


Note to future self: If an extremely rich “friend” who enjoys hunting invites you to his house in middle of nowhere and tells you that you’ll be spending the weekend without the chance of leaving, regretfully decline the offer and write off “friend”.  1974’s The Beasts Must Die is a film in which Tom Newcliffe (Calvin Lockhart), the rich friend, invites 5 of his friends that have all been strangely surrounded by tragedy wherever they go, to his sprawling estate for the weekend.  Tom is an avid hunter and has been said to “shoot anything that moves” in order to add it to his collection.  You might think from this description that Tom is interested in adding the Homo Sapien to his trophy collection, but in fact he’s searching for something much more elusive.  Tom reckon’s that the due to the strange circumstances surrounding the tragedies that his friends have been involved in, that one of them is… A WEREWOLF!

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