Picture this… it’s 1985 and script writers need some ideas (well, when I put it that way, it’s 2011 and script writers still need some ideas!)  Halley’s Comet is coming around in a year and there’s quite a bit of mystery surrounding it.  It only shows up once every 75 years, and it’s one of the few true mysteries that are still floating around in our solar system – why not write some movies about it?  “Night of the Comet” already covered the zombies aspect so let’s write our script about space vampires (actually, it’s based off of a 1976 novel called “Space Vampires” of all things, but this is my review dammit so keep your hoity-toity literature insight to yourself)!   We don’t want to keep the title “Space Vampires” though, it might sound too cheesy.  Let’s change the title to LifeForce instead, and we’ll make the connection between vampires and Halley’s Comet down below the break.  Also, be warned that some of the images below the break may be NSFW

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Trailer Tuesday: Piranha 3D


As a man there aren’t too many things in the movie world that excite me more than boobs and gore!  So when a movie comes around that has both, and in mass quanTITIES, I have to go see it.  Enemy and I checked out Piranha in 3D last weekend and were pleasantly surprised at how much we both enjoyed it.  I didn’t want to do a whole review, but it is worth seeing from an entertainment standpoint.  There was plenty of nudity (OMG Kelly Brook looked fantastic), and the gore level was way above what we expected based on the trailer and the tameness of recent Hollywood horror films.  Some of the deaths were just plain gruesome!  The cast includes a very hot looking Elizabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Adam Scott, Jerry O’Connell and Christopher Lloyd.