When I saw Machete in the theater back in August they played a metric ass ton of trailers, they always do!  After the trailers they played their little theater introduction and then low and behold, another trailer.  This one was a little different though, it had that Grindhouse feel to it just like Machete a few years back.  It showed a monster of a man, the so-called new icon in horror Victor Crowley, absolutely destroying a bunch of people who had no idea that death stood right around the corner.  I looked at my friend and said “it’s a shame that’s just a fake trailer, Hatchet 2 looks like it would be great!”  But why did they skip right to number 2, where was the original.  A few weeks later I saw a listing for Hatchet 2 at that same theater, it was real… even though it only lasted a week on the big screen!  So I had to seek out Hatchet and find out what all the hype was about.

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Clash of the Titans (1981)

There aren’t too many people I talked to that didn’t remember watching the original Clash of the Titans from 1981.  Most didn’t remember a whole lot about it, but they at least remembered seeing it.  It’s a fantastical story about mortals and Gods, but it was shot at the end of an era.  It was one of the last big budget Hollywood movies which used all stop-motion photography.  Most movies after that moved on to the high-tech area of CGI.  With the release of the new Clash of the Titans, which I reviewed a few weeks ago at We’re Running Out Of Time, I decided to take a look back to the movie which spawned more than a few video games we know and love!

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The Stepfather (1987)


With the Fall 2009 release of The Stepfather I thought it would be a good time to take a “step” back and look at the movie that started it all.  My proclivity for reviewing the original films plus this movie’s strange, almost cult like status on Internal Bleeding makes it a grand candidate!  Let’s expand a little on the last comment.  For the last year or so we have received a lot of hits for people looking for “Terry O’Quinn nude”.  Now I must say to each his/her own; but really?  It just doesn’t seem like a huge topic on Google so it’s amazing we get so many hits for it.  But it all relates back to when I reviewed Mischief which starred Terry O’Quinn, and also a young and smoking hot Kelly Preston.  She was nude in the movie, and anyone who knows anything about search engines knows that is where we get our hits from!  But we love the traffic to the site, so the more the merrier… just one question, is there a movie where Terry O’Quinn is nude?!?!

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Summer People

summer people (2)

When vacationing in the backwoods, make sure you listen to the locals.  Maybe they know about which greasy spoon has the best breakfast, where the best swimming hole is at, and that you shouldn’t perform any rituals that might bring up ancient dangerous spirits.  Unfortunately, newly dating couple Tom and Lisa, along with their friends Simone and Sam didn’t take that advice and decided to test out their knowledge of witchcraft in the wrong town.

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