Screamers  - Title Card

War.  War never changes.  And neither does introducing a new brand of killer into that war, the likes of which few have ever seen.  In the ongoing war between the Alliance and the NEB on planet Sirius 6B, self replicating, buzzsaw wielding robots who burrow underground were brought in to help sway the conflict to the Alliance’s favor.  They were able to keep them at bay by wearing secret decoder bracelets that identify them as Alliance members.  Remove that bracelet, and you’re gonna be able to scratch your own balls with the back of your head once it falls off into your lap.
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Evil Spawn

Growing old gracefully…  That doesn’t seem to happen any more these days. Everyone wants to get some kind of surgery for this, or get some kind of injection for that.  Millions of doses of Botox are given each year just to make people feel younger and therefore better about themselves.  Lynn Roman (Bobbie Bresee) doesn’t want to be one of those people.  As a Hollywood actress, she just wants to stay working in an industry that doesn’t see her age as an asset.

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Nightbeast (1)During a night as ordinary as any other, a spaceship from another world (are there any other kind?) crashes to earth, and a hostile alien life form that resembles a reptillian gorilla of some kind escapes shortly before his craft explodes.  A few hunters are eye witnesses to the crash and they go looking for the strange craft but are reduced to ash, thanks to the business end of the alien’s gun.  What follows is a story of terror as the alien runs amok through a small rural town.

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The Incredible Melting Man

When I was a kid, I remember looking up at the moon and the stars at night.  I’d think to myself and wonder what was out there.  Were there other people on other planets, just like us, living their normal day to day lives, oblivious to other beings in the universe?  I also thought it would be really cool to travel through space, seeing the moon and those stars up close.  Now that I’m grown up, I know that my chance to be an astronaut, or even a space traveller have probably passed.  I’m glad that I came to that realization as a result, because if I would have known as a child that travelling in outer space, and especially gazing at the sun through the rings of Saturn would have turned me into an eventual pile of mush, like in William Sachs‘ 1977 film The Incredible Melting Man, I would have been absolutely devastated… devastated, I say.

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