The Aftermath

the-aftermathThree Astronauts return from space to find that the life they left behind doesn’t exist anymore.  When only two survive the emergency landing on the coastline “near Los Angeles”, they discover that the world is an extremely different place then the one they left.  Roving gangs are killing men, and taking women and children as hostages.  The city itself is a burnt out husk of what it once was, and the two spacemen – Newman and Matthews – have to make their place in the world.

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She-Wolves of the Wasteland

She-Wolves of the Wasteland (aka Phoenix the Warrior) begins in the future, where a biological war breaks out that somehow kills every man on earth, and only a handful of women survive.  It’s the old post apocalyptic tale with a twist.  This time an evil woman known as the Reverend Mother (Sheila Howard) decides to repopulate the earth in a sick and corrupt way.  In what corrupt way, I’m not sure, I just know that this Rev. Mom has a big deformed head with surgical tubing coming out of it.  Anyhow, A woman escapes Rev. Mom and runs off into the desert, and has a gaggle of bounty hunters after her.  One lone warrior steps out of the wasteland to protect her, and that woman is PHOENIX!

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Equalizer 2000

So it seems like Al Gore’s predictions of the future are going to right on and Cirio H. Santiago has given us a glimpse of it.  Global warming and nuclear terrorism has turned the world in to barren wasteland.  Oil and water are scarce, and everyday brings new battle with your enemies.  But things aren’t all bad.  Practically everyone drives a convertible because the world is a desert.  And they are not those weenie convertibles like the Sunbird or Sebring, these are self-made out of huge Oldsmobile’s and Buick’s!  For everyone who just can’t decide what to wear in the morning, fashion has gotten way more simplified!  The most powerful faction, known as The Ownership, control the main supply of oil and are fond of wearing black leather, football pads and helmets. Their main resistance is The Rebels, who control the main supply of water. The Rebels are fans of camouflage and marijuana, as noted by the pot leafs on their berets. If neither of those  appeal to you, there is still the Mountain People, who are basically Indians/Mexicans who wear jeans or sweatpants and still fight with spears and bows.

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In the year 1992 after a nuclear war has devastated most of the United States. Dr. Paul Dean (Robert Glaudini) develops a leech-like parasite that grows to large portions after it consumes the blood of its host. Paul flees to the desert when the government storms his lab to collect the parasites to use for their own purposes. He is pursued by “Wolf” (James Davidson) the “merchant” employed by the government to retrieve the last of the parasites. Paul carries one of the last parasites in a canister and the other inside of his stomach. He seeks refuge in small desert town populated by scavengers who constantly threaten his work. While most of the scavengers seek to rob him blind one woman Patrica Wells (Demi Moore) finds an interest in Paul and helps him to destroy the parasites before they multiply and devour the Earth’s remaining population. Written by Matthew Patay and directed by Charles Band.

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