A new rating system

As you longtime readers (you know, the ones that started coming last week or so) may have noticed, Internal Bleeding has decided to adopt a 5 star rating system.  We figured it’s easier to give you a rating along with a review in order to determine which movies are better than others, since “I’d recommend seeing this movie because of it’s exploding head content” is a little too vague.

We may decide down the road to move to an exploding head scale, from 0 exploding heads to 5 exploding heads.  Unfortunately, right now I don’t have the patience to come up with a graphic for it, so for the time being we’ll stick with stars.

As always, if you’ve seen these movies we’d love to hear your opinion.  If you haven’t seen them, we’d like to hear your opinion anyhow.

We’ll have several more reviews coming in the weeks ahead, so stick around, and thanks for coming in the first place.