Dead Set

Television isn’t something we usually talk about here at Internal Bleeding, because let’s face it, TJ Hooker hasn’t been on in years, and something like Trueblood and all that vampire BS really doesn’t appeal to me.  One thing that I’ve always thought was missing was a zombie show based on a really interesting story that focuses on the survivors, and their attempt to get out of a scary situation while the undead horde bears down on them.  My prayers were answered when I found Dead Set, a British television show that centers around a zombie outbreak that happens during a season of Big Brother.  Because the participants in the Big Brother reality show are cut off from communication with the outside world, they’re entirely oblivious to the fact that the world around them is being over run, and their production crew is in imminent danger as well.

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Endgame Title

This week for our dueling review and movie of the week, we picked “Endgame” or as it’s also known “Endgame – Bronx lotta finale“. Endgame is directed by the famed Joe D’Amato and stars Al Cliver as badass Ron Shannon, and George Eastman as the hunter Kurt Karnak. Continue reading “Endgame”