Screamers  - Title Card

War.  War never changes.  And neither does introducing a new brand of killer into that war, the likes of which few have ever seen.  In the ongoing war between the Alliance and the NEB on planet Sirius 6B, self replicating, buzzsaw wielding robots who burrow underground were brought in to help sway the conflict to the Alliance’s favor.  They were able to keep them at bay by wearing secret decoder bracelets that identify them as Alliance members.  Remove that bracelet, and you’re gonna be able to scratch your own balls with the back of your head once it falls off into your lap.
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Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Halloween 3 - Season of the WitchHalloween III is one of the strangest movies in any movie franchise.  As I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, it’s a sequel to film that it has absolutely no relationship to.  While it  can be said that they tried to incorporate the Silver Shamrock company into the later films of the Halloween franchise, it’s pretty clear that beforehand they really didn’t have any intentions of keeping this film in the continuum of the world that gave birth to Michael Myers.  In fact, the only appearance of Michael Myers in this film is a brief clip from the original Halloween of Mr. Myers walking down the stairs as a promo for a broadcast of the original Halloween movie.  So while the original intent of this movie was supposed to be a telling of a “halloween story” after Myers death in Halloween II, this movie is really about Dr. Dan Challis (Tom Atkins) and the Silver Shamrock company.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Mutant Hunt

We dig deep in the our Sci-Fi vault to bring you this week’s Trailer Tuesday… 1987’s Mutant Hunt


So after some in-depth analysis, what can we say about this week’s trailer?

  1. Robots and Cyborgs are interchangeable terms, and in this case they aren’t programmed to be violent or attack people
  2. Somebody is feeding these cyborgs some drugs that are mutating them into ruthless killers of mostly scantily clad women.
  3. Matt Riker is a mercenary that’s gonna stop these crazy robot/zombies from breaking apart cheap shelves and surgical tubing.  Oh, and stop them from killing people too, or something.

Also, an interesting tidbit about the director, Tim Kincaid: He’s also a very accomplished gay erotica movie writer and director!  But besides that, the films he’s made that are not adult in nature are fine z-grade trash in their own right.  I have a feeling we’ll be going to the Tim Kincaid well frequently in the future…

As always, keep your eyes peeled on InternalBleeding for an upcoming review of Mutant Hunt!


Remember Virtual Reality?  You know, the game where you’d put on a helmet and hold a controller and it would look like you were actually in this low resolution polygonal game?  It was pretty big in the early 90’s, so much so that there were a few movies made about the fad.  Evolver is one of those movies, and it’s the name of the game that’s played.  Ethan Embry (as Ethan Randall) is one of the best evolver players, and he gets awarded a real robot that will play with him anytime he likes.   The robot learns after each round, and adapts to try to beat his opponent.  While it sounds like an awesome robot, the robot isn’t satisfied with shooting out foam balls and darts anymore, it wants to learn how to kill.

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