Ninja III: The Domination

Ninja III - The DominationNinjas are the closest things to comic book super heroes that we have ever seen in the history of the world. They can evaporate into thin air, they can destroy entire villages with their bare hands, and they can walk on water. I’ve learned quite a few things from watching Ninja III: The Domination, and one of those things I’ve learned is that a killer ninja can transfer his soul through his sword to another person. One other thing I’ve learned is when those crazy ninja spirits try to take over your body, you might be able to hold them off for a little by practicing aerobics while putting on crappy 80’s pop music that was hastily written minutes before recording – but that’s only because those crazy ninja spirits are just messing with your head. You can never resist crazy ninja spirits.

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Revenge of the Ninja

Cho Osaki (Shô Kosugi) moves to America with his son Kane (Kane Kosugi) after his family is killed in Japan by ninjas. He opens a doll shop with his friend Braden (Arthur Roberts), who uses Cho’s shop as a front to import heroin in the dolls. Braden is double crossed by his Italian buyer and he shows them why you do not fuck with Japanese drug lords. Cho prepares for the ultimate ninja duel to the death when he finds out that his friend has betrayed him. Written by James R. Silke and directed by Sam Firstenberg.

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