Let Me In

I’m always skeptical of new horror movies that I see in the theater.  Very rarely do they have the scariness or “Oh DAMN” factor that I’m looking for; and I’ve yet to come across anything with a story that engulfed me and actually made me take a step back and think about how meaningful a movie can be… until now!  Let Me In is a remake of the Norwegian movie titled Let the Right One In.  Normally remakes of any kind are garbage, but if you prefer to be 100% in the dark about the movie let me just say that every horror movie fan NEEDS to see this, and preferably in the theater!


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Christmas Evil (aka You Better Watch Out)

Trying to find a Christmas movie that fits the theme of this site can be a daunting task. Last year I think we actually came across some of the better ones like Santa With Muscles and Silent Night Deadly Night. This year we had to dig a little deeper into our bag of goodies to find a different twist on the Santa Slasher! We reached in and found Christmas Evil aka You Better Watch Out, a film which has been compared to Silent Night Deadly Night, and even got a glowing mention from trashy film maker John Waters.

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Silent Scream aka The Retreat


Living in Michigan all my life I’m extremely familiar with cold winters, tons of snow, and forests that go for what seems like hundreds of miles.  It is just something you have to get used to while living here, and for the most part it can be very beautiful.  I’m also a big fan of camping whether it be in a tent, trailer, or a cabin in what Michiganders call “Up North”, which basically means anywhere further North than you live. (clever huh?!?)  The ironic part about “Up North” is you do it to get away, be by yourself, or hang with some close friends and drink.  The more secluded the better. Unfortunately seclusion can also be your worst enemy, especially when a killer finds your cabin and starts offing you and your friends!

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