Ninja Wars

Ninja Wars Title

Ninja Wars (aka Iga ninpocho) is an odd movie.  It’s not odd in the fact that it’s a ninja movie, it’s odd in the fact that despite being superficially a ninja movie, it’s really not a ninja movie at all.  Despite the title, Ninja Wars is in fact a love story.  While their may be some wars, bloody fight scenes, and a few ninjas hopping around, it’s almost not even a martial arts movie… That is, if you watch the subtitled version.

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The Street Fighter

When you think of a Street Fighter movie, do you think of that shittastic Jean-Claude VanDamme film from the mid-80’s? If you do, clear that preconceived notion of garbage out of your head, because for our movie to kick off our July Ninja/Martial Arts theme week, we’re talking about the 1974 Sonny Chiba fightfest THE STREET FIGHTER (aka Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken)! The one question you need to ask yourself before watching this is… Are you ready to get your guts kicked out?

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