DeathStalker II

Deathstalker II title

DeathStalker II (1987) is an action/adventure comedy from the mind of Jim Wynorski, who was also the helm of the previously reviewed Chopping Mall. Deathstalker II is set in a fantasy world and it has a similar feeling to movies like Conan or The Beastmaster, but in the cheesy dimension instead of the serious. John Terlesky (Chopping Mall) stars as the title character, “Deathstalker” who is a thief that specializes in the wealth distribution witness – which is he takes from the rich and keeps it. While Deathstalker is engaged in exploits of his own, runs across Reena the Seer – played by Monique Gabrielle (Bachelor Party). Reena tells Deathstalker that his destiny is to save a princess in a faraway land from an evil sorcerer and master swordsman. Deathstalker takes the mission, looking forward to the huge reward waiting for him at the end. Continue reading “DeathStalker II”