The Stepfather (1987)


With the Fall 2009 release of The Stepfather I thought it would be a good time to take a “step” back and look at the movie that started it all.  My proclivity for reviewing the original films plus this movie’s strange, almost cult like status on Internal Bleeding makes it a grand candidate!  Let’s expand a little on the last comment.  For the last year or so we have received a lot of hits for people looking for “Terry O’Quinn nude”.  Now I must say to each his/her own; but really?  It just doesn’t seem like a huge topic on Google so it’s amazing we get so many hits for it.  But it all relates back to when I reviewed Mischief which starred Terry O’Quinn, and also a young and smoking hot Kelly Preston.  She was nude in the movie, and anyone who knows anything about search engines knows that is where we get our hits from!  But we love the traffic to the site, so the more the merrier… just one question, is there a movie where Terry O’Quinn is nude?!?!

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Did I ever mention that my dad owned a dozen video stores when I was growing up? Well if I did I lied, he only had 9. So having spent most of my childhood in those stores I have all of these images of movie boxes in my head. One of those boxes is for the 1985 teen comedy Mischief. It just seemed like a very funny, light-hearted coming of age story… oh who am I kidding, I just figured I’d get to see some boobs!! Well I never got a chance to see that movie until I found it on cable one night.

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