Surf Nazis Must Die

surf-nazis-must-dieAfter the great quake, the California beaches are a crazy place.  Gangs are scrambling to draw up territorial lines for new turf.  The Surf Nazis are the toughest of the gangs, and they’re snatching purses from old ladies, and beating up random dudes who try to stop those petty crimes. At one point they try to unite the gangs “Warriors” style, but they can’t reach an agreement, so it’s back to terrorizing the beaches along with it’s tourists.  This time however, they beat up and killed the wrong dude, and now they have Eleanor Washington to deal with, and those Surf Nazis Must Die!

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“Tommy used to work on the docks”, beat-up his last boss, “he’s down on his luck its tough… so tough!” “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi popped into my head a few times while watching Defiance. Tom Gamble, played by Jan-Michael Vincent (Airwolf) is a cargo ship worker who is suspended for 6 months and forced to find residence in New York City. He is just like the rest of us though, he’s a great painter and he wants to learn Spanish. Well ok, maybe not like all of us, but I finger paint and I speak Spanish in my dreams. In his new slummy apartment he quickly realizes that like sucks… no one likes him, his neighbors are rowdy, and gangs run the show! The one good thing is his upstairs neighbor Marsha. She quickly befriends and they hit it off. They even go bowling… things are looking up!

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