Jack, a paramedic working the graveyard shift, has hit rock bottom when his girlfriend dumps him for her yoga instructor.  Unfortunately, his life gets worse when he takes in a  injured junkie left  to die in a pile of trash by his apartment.  Taken by her beauty, Jack quickly falls in love with Danika as he cares for her injuries and sickness.  Soon, Jack realizes the fatal mistake he made when he suspects that his guest might be a vampire.  Blinded by his love Jack does what ever it takes to fulfill Danika’s needs.

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DeadgirlOver the last 2 years at Internal Bleeding we have tackled a lot of strange movies, both with sick and twisted stories, and those with questionable moral values… or at least we thought!  Deadgirl makes those movies look like the Disney Sunday Movie in comparison.  To give away the plot of the story in the opening paragraph not only ruins the dark and disturbing premise of the film but also tests the moral fiber of this website for describing something that not everyone in this world is prepared to read.  I’m sure you think that we are just over-reacting and hyping up the storyline too much, but trust us, it’s not for the faint of heart!

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Trailer Tuesdays: Flesheater (aka Zombie Nosh)

For this week’s Trailer Tuesday, we bring you the 1988 zombie film Flesheater!


What you see in this trailer is truly what you get, as it runs through most of the movie from start to finish.  While it looks fairly cheesy and the acting is pretty bad, it’s actually a really fun zombie film.  Check out our review of Zombie Nosh for more info on this underrated zombie classic.  It’s definitely a great film to watch around Halloween.  You’ll show up for the zombies and the totally awesome costume party, but you’ll stay for Night of the Living Dead’s original zombie Bill Hinzman!

Return of the Living Dead part II

Return of the Living Dead pt II

I’m not usually a fan of horror comedy movies.  To be more specific, I’m not usually a fan of zombie movies that try to be comedies.  Shawn of the Dead is one exception to that rule, and the original Return of the Living Dead is another.  What usually happens is that they try too hard to be funny, and either end up too hokey or don’t do the horror element very well.  Shawn of the Dead and Return of the Living dead put the immediacy of the horror first, and add the comedy bits on top with the realistic character portrayals, and that’s what make them good movies.  Thankfully, Return of the Living Dead II continues building on top of the foundation that the first film in the series started.

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