Death Moon

Death Moon (1)

Jason Palmer is having nightmares.  Nightmares where he has visions of a mysterious woman in a tribal ceremony, and the priest who tries to break it up.  When he wakes up in a cold sweat, he decides it’s time to go see his doctor.  While his doctor can’t explain why he’s having these nightmares, he suggests that maybe Jason is under too much stress from all of his real estate deals, and he prescribes a nice long vacation.  While Jason is deciding where to go, he sees a symbol in a travel poster for Hawaii that he saw during his nightmares, so like any logical person he sets off for Hawaii.

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The Beast Must Die


Note to future self: If an extremely rich “friend” who enjoys hunting invites you to his house in middle of nowhere and tells you that you’ll be spending the weekend without the chance of leaving, regretfully decline the offer and write off “friend”.  1974’s The Beasts Must Die is a film in which Tom Newcliffe (Calvin Lockhart), the rich friend, invites 5 of his friends that have all been strangely surrounded by tragedy wherever they go, to his sprawling estate for the weekend.  Tom is an avid hunter and has been said to “shoot anything that moves” in order to add it to his collection.  You might think from this description that Tom is interested in adding the Homo Sapien to his trophy collection, but in fact he’s searching for something much more elusive.  Tom reckon’s that the due to the strange circumstances surrounding the tragedies that his friends have been involved in, that one of them is… A WEREWOLF!

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Halloween Quick Hits

Happy Halloween from everyone at Internal Bleeding!  As I’m sure all of you have been doing, I’ve been happily watching all of the horror movies on TV this week.  It is nice to see that at least one week out of the year some stations make an effort to play some of our old favorites, and give us a chance to see some great flicks we may have missed.  So I decided this Halloween to do a couple “quick hit” reviews of American Werewolf In London & Hellraiser!

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Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed

Directed by: Brett Sullivan Written by: Karen Walton & Megan Martin

After mixing blood with her late sister, Brigitte (Emily Perkins) finds herself changing into the beast she failed to prevent her sister from becoming.  Every day she shoots up with monkshood in hopes to slow or even cure her disease.  Moving from place to place she looks for a cure, and runs from the other beast looking to mate with her.  While running from her primal lover she passes out from an overdoes of monkshood.  The authorities find her and they assume she is a junkie, so they take her to the local rehab center.  Brigitte is denied her daily dose of monkshood and begins to change faster.  Will her counselors help her kick her addiction, or will they become dinner for the beast after it gets unleashed?

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