DeadgirlOver the last 2 years at Internal Bleeding we have tackled a lot of strange movies, both with sick and twisted stories, and those with questionable moral values… or at least we thought!  Deadgirl makes those movies look like the Disney Sunday Movie in comparison.  To give away the plot of the story in the opening paragraph not only ruins the dark and disturbing premise of the film but also tests the moral fiber of this website for describing something that not everyone in this world is prepared to read.  I’m sure you think that we are just over-reacting and hyping up the storyline too much, but trust us, it’s not for the faint of heart!

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Lady Avenger


Hot off the heels of her breakout role as “Stripper” in Beverly Hills Cop, Peggy McIntaggart puts on a stunning performance as Maggie, or as she’s better known…. LADY AVENGER!  While in prison for something that might have had to do with drugs (it’s never really explained), her brother Jeff (Jeff Brown from Hack-O-Lantern) is murdered, and his girlfriend is raped and her eyes are cut out.  Even though Maggie isn’t the model prisoner, for some reason the warden let’s her out to attend the funeral – accompanied by a guard.  While she’s out, she’s going to have to get away from that guard so that she can extract her own form of justice on the people who put her brother in the ground!

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The Tattoo Connection (aka Black Belt Jones 2)


In 1974, Jim Kelly starred in the classic blaxploitation martial arts  flick Black Belt Jones.  Four years later, he returned to star in The Tattoo Connection (aka Black Belt Jones 2), which even though it goes by the Black Belt Jones moniker, it has absolutely nothing to do with the first film.  In fact, in this one Kelly plays a character named Lucas, and he’s a former CIA agent who’s been hired by an insurance company to recover the North Pole Star Diamond, which was stolen upon it’s arrival in Hong Kong.

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Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

ilsa-harem-keeperHow do you take a character that was obviously shot in the face and killed, and use that same character in a sequel?  Easy, just do it and don’t make any explanation available whatsoever!  That’s what Don Edmonds has done in his follow up to his 1975 film “Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS“, this time entitled “Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks“.  Last time Ilsa was in charge of a Nazi camp that was testing women to see if they had a higher pain threshold than men, and conducting gruesome experiments on her subjects.  Now, she is a slave trader, training women to pleasure El Sharif , making them members of his harem.  Then, she was in Nazi Germany, in a concentration camp of sorts, and an American G.I. is the one to tame her and her wicked ways.  Now, she’s in an undisclosed Middle Eastern location, and a German diplomat and an American serviceman are sent to try to tame El Sharif, and get his oil and Ilsa under control.  Pretty similar so far…

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